SOAHA has identified Five Pillars within which it will operate:

  • Research and Education (Create cohesion and Relationship between Indigenous Healing and Modern Medicinal Healing Practices and Models.
  • Spiritual Healing and Transformation
  • Ancient Wisdom and  Interconnectivity
  • Connecting the Past to the Present to forecast the future
  • Connection of Indigenous Healing Models to the Modern Healing Practices

Its major objectives are:

(i)      To bring together all Spiritual, Physical and Intellectual Healers.

(ii)     To promote Western, African and Primitive Healing in South Africa.

(iii)    Be the voice of all Healers Registered with SOAHA  in  different  platforms  National and International

(iv)    Conduct Research on various problems that are facing our people to find healing solutions that will create life value to humanity.

(v)     Organize and arrange various seminar/Conferences for the benefit of our members.

(vi)    Run various academic programs  for the empowerment of our various members in their various ways of Healing

(vii)   Promote various forms of healing in South Africa.

(viii)  Create tolerance for various healing methods/systems as we find them in South Africa.

Membership is opened to all Healers, Traditional and Modern.

Contact Details:

Dr. V.V.O. Mkhize  (087 11 00 555) –