South African Healers Association (SOAHA) is a community of healers, spiritually, physical and intellectually, engaged in the task of influencing the development and support of various healing practices in South Africa and recognizes the spiritual elements of these spiritual, traditional, indigenous and natural healing practices. One common theme in research activities is that all relate to the accumulation of knowledge, whether scientific or unscientific, theoretical or practical.


The institute will focus on the indigenous people’s culture and knowledge, philosophical and theological concepts, traditional rituals and habits and spirituality.

A national and international network of similar companies and researchers, academics, professionals, Social Anthropologists etc will be engaged in order to promote and establish an interdisciplinary promotion of our African Wisdom and indigenous knowledge.

The Institute will do most its work through publications, workshops, seminars and presentations to various people, engage the youth in particular so as to challenge what most people of the past said about us like a German Philosopher, Hegel, who had audacity to say:

“Africans live in a state of innocence. They are unconscious of themselves, as in the natural and primate state of Adam and Eve in the Biblical paradise before the emergence of reason and will. Africans are intractable. The condition in which they live is incapable of any historical development or culture. They have no history in the true sense of the word”

It is this ‘history’ that we will be creating through the recognition of our traditional values and norms rather than to despise them