The Problems

Consider the following major social problems confronting humanity today, not only South African but also the world at large:

  •  problems of extreme poverty, of disease, malnutrition, and starvation experienced by millions of people in the poorest part of our country,
  • The spread of HIV and aids
  • Problems posed by the existence of dictatorship maintained by forces,
  • All political opposition being suppressed, elementary political and civil rights being annihilated
  •  Problems posed by vast inequalities of wealth and power between people, both within races and between nations
  • Problems posed by impending global warming
  • Problems posed by lost  identity and people looking for quick fixes through churches and “fast-foods religions”
  • Problems posed by lack of proper parenting where parents themselves have lost touch with their traditions and cultures and resorted to various religions as their saviors.
  • Children doing things which are no longer bearable by their communities and societies e.g. raping of elderly women.
  • Politicians abusing their powers by overlooking proper credentials in all appointments and use ‘comradeship’ as a tool of qualification.
  • Dying of people killing one another in the name of ‘political parties’
  • Everyday confrontation in the form of strikes between employees and the employers.
  • Dying of our people in our South African roads every day and nothing being done about that in terms of taking their ‘spirits’ to their relevant families.

In order for these problems (and many others) to be progressively resolving d in just and humane ways it is necessary for millions upon millions of people to act in new, appropriate ways, in rations response to the problems individually and cooperatively.