Philosophy of South African Healers Association

In order to make progress towards a better world we need to learn how to do it. And for that we need institutions/organisations rationally designed and devoted to helping us solve our personal and spiritual problems, make progress towards a better world. It is just this that we lack at present.


In all our endeavours we pursue knowledge rather than wisdom.  In all what we do we are not devoted to helping humanity learn how to tackle personal  and spiritual problems —  not excluding problems of living — in more intelligent, humane and effective ways. That, the Vision and intention of SOAHA, is the key disaster of our times, the crisis behind all the others: our failure to have developed our institutions/organisations to research and education on our personal and spiritual problems so as to help us solve our problems of living — above all, our African Human problems.


Having Institutions/organisations devoted almost exclusively to the pursuit of knowledge is a recipe for disaster. Scientific knowledge and technological know-how have unquestionably brought great benefits to humanity. But they have also made possible — even caused — our current personal crises, above all the impending crisis of Spiritual suffering.


SOAHA is an organisation whose vision is to show that we need urgently to bring about a revolution in our Healing Practices i.e. mentally, spiritually and physically (through joint research and education) in our country so that OUR basic aim as various Healers becomes wisdom, and not just knowledge.